About This Site

This site is a personal site presenting a collection of information from the web I find relevant. The thoughts here do not necessarily represent my complete personal opinion, as I do re-post and link to several other sites.

The blog is meant to capture my random thoughts on a range of topics including technology, daily observations, and things I consider interesting or important to know. In addition to my thoughts, I will also share a bit of technology history, most of what I’ve used in the past and brought us to where we are today.

Although I try to personally read messages and comments timely, please understand I do receive a considerable amount of information daily and have to wisely choose which ones to work with. I do use software automation to automatically classify my messages, so repeated information might be flagged as low priority review.

About Ron Herdy – Professional

Currently I am in the process of launching a new business related to a patent involving Social Media and Television. I also work maintaining other projects I’m involved with – Driver Education, Tourism solutions, Restaurant Operations.

I also do some presentations and training. You can find my previous materials at my SlideShare page.

About Ron Hedy – Personal

When not in the office or slavishly responding to emails on my iPhone, I enjoy amusement parks, dinning out, and am an occasional professional audio engineer. I’m originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and have moved to US back in 1998. I’m honored to say that I have dual citizenship (US and Brazil) and am thankful for the opportunities the US gave since my arrival.

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